OTAUS 2019 ePosters

A scoping review of occupation-based strategies for entry-level education
Georgia Canty, Melanie Roberts, Matthew Molineux
Discharge planning from inpatient rehabilitation settings: An exploratory study identifying clients’ unmet support needs and measuring the impact of occupational therapy services
Kathrine Finney, Susan Darzins, Alana Hewitt, Matthew Thorpe
Improving accessibility of relevant professional development for rural occupational therapists, through the establishment of an annual mixed content education forum
Alina Roper
Integrated solutions for sustainable fall prevention in primary care, the iSOLVE implementation project: Lessons learnt, future directions and challenges ahead
Lindy Clemson, Lynette Mackenzie, Meryl Lovarini, Cathy Sherrington, Anne Tiedemann, Christopher Roberts, Dimity Pond, Ros Poulos, Amy Tan
Integrating theory and practice in occupational therapy pre-entry education: A scoping review
Michelle Bissett, Melanie Roberts, Lara Hedgcock
Learning about the dark side of occupation: Students’ experiences of learning about and applying emerging theory
Amelia Di Tommaso, Rebecca Twinley
Meaningfulness in chronic pain rehabilitation: A concept analysis
Katrina Liddiard, Cary Brown, Annette Raynor
Occupation-based entry-level education: Characteristics and strategies
Georgia Canty, Melanie Roberts, Matthew Molineux
Occupational therapy in cancer care: exploring practice, professional development and career pathways in Australia
Amy Wallis, Andrew Smith
Profile of professional practice experiences for undergraduate and Master’s entry occupational therapy students from the University of Sydney, 2017-2018
Lynette Mackenzie, Merrolee Penman
Social media and professional development: Occupational therapists use Facebook groups for professional development and support
Cindy Chuan, Anna Meadows
Starting early with inter-professional education: Scoping and designing an evidence based collaborative occupational therapy and speech pathology service for Infants and children
Lisa Findlay, Laura Miller
The landscape of Australian Education Scholarship: A systematic mapping review
Melanie Roberts, Barb Hooper, Matthew Molineux, Michelle Bissett
The post NDIS environment: Mothers of a child with a disability, their perspectives on health, healthy behaviours and the impact of disability
Helen Bourke-Taylor, Kahli Joyce, Ted Brown, Dinah Reddihough, Jenny Ziviani
Tomorrow’s world today: The role of occupational therapy in supporting well-being in a tech-saturated world
Anita Hamilton, Merrolee Penman, Karen Jacobs, Susan Burwash, Ritchard Ledgerd, Marilyn Pattison, Sarah Bodell, Angela Hook
Transforming occupational therapy practice through a culture of research informed practice
Sue Laracy, Jenny Strong
Understanding the context of occupation: Developing students' critical awareness of sociocultural factors
Laura Irvine-Brown, Matthew Molineux
Understanding therapy goals of community-dwelling older adults: Considerations for occupational therapy practice
Victoria Atherton, Michelle Bissett, Niamh Boland, Jacqueline Collins, Kasey Owen
Workplace musculoskeletal problems in occupational therapy students
Joanne Morabito, Stefania Penkala, Kristy Coxon