OTAUS 2019 ePosters

Discharge preparation for people with a spinal cord injury transitioning from an inpatient setting to community: A scoping review
Jacqueline Wheatcroft, Kelly Chait, Brittni Nielsen, Anne Baker, Carol McKinstry
Executive and self-regulation functions of older adults who engage in open- and closed-skilled physical activity: A cross-sectional study
Monisha Ingold, Nikki Tulliani, Karen Liu
Exploring the preferences of older Australians choosing therapy and home support services: What matters and why?
Miia Rahja, Kate Laver, Maria Crotty, Tracy Comans
Facilitating functional rehabilitation in oncology: Implementing a domestic ADL group
Anthea Udovicich, Celia Marston
Occupational therapy practice in intensive care units: Get up, get groomed, get showered! An integrated literature review
Andrea Rapolthy-Beck, Jennifer Fleming, Merrill Turpin
Patients’ experiences following severe, brachial plexus injury: A long-term, qualitative follow-up
Sara Brito, Nikos Thomacos, Jenni White, Bridget Hill, Ted Brown
Pre-operative prediction of rehabilitation need for patients undergoing hip or knee arthroplasty
Kerri Roberts, Elisa Howlett, Mimi Churchill, Rebecca Cannell
Targeted muscle reinnervation and pattern recognition: Innovative strategies for intuitive prosthetic control after upper limb amputation
Abby Hutchison