OTAUS 2019 ePosters

A mixed-methods systematic review to understand carer readiness to support adults with dementia to return home from hospital
Amy Cussen, Elizabeth Pritchard, Harriet Yeates, Veronica Delafosse
A scoping review exploring the use of art in occupational therapy mental health practice
Alan Johnson, Samantha Ashby, Miranda Lawry
A scoping review of research evidence relating to adults with psychosis preparing for, seeking, obtaining, keeping or re-obtaining work
Melissa Aguey-Zinsou, Justin Scanlan, Anne Cusick
A scoping review of the factors which shape the transition to fatherhood for Chinese migrants and those living on the Chinese mainland
Mo Zhou, Samantha Ashby, Lyn Ebert
Assessment of clinical and disability support needs of people with severe mental illnesses residing in psychiatric hostels
Helen Ayres, Craig Broadway, Amy Mancini, Lee Lee Tan, Joelle Thiel
Defining sensory modulation: What does the term really mean in today's practice? A concept analysis and contemporary definition for occupational therapists
Anahita Brown, Tamara Tse, Tracy Fortune
Evaluating a sensory approaches program in community mental health
Jeremy Morris, Rebecca McCarthy, Melanie Barnett
Exploring Autistic adults experience of adulthood through the ICF
Kitty-Rose Foley, Jane Hwang, Taylor Stacey, Elspeth Froude, Samuel Arnold, Julian Trollor
Formal and informal supports that help successful community living for people with schizophrenia:learning from consumers, families and community-based workers
Kylie Stewart, Nicola Hancock, Roger Stancliffe
Innovatively addressing escalating youth mental health: Qualitative outcomes from a population based skill building positivity resilience program
Theresa Novak, Justin Scanlan, Chris Chapparo
Occupational therapists self-perceived knowledge and skills for enabling older adult with delirium
Cheri Strecker, Danielle Hitch, Genevieve Pepin
Occupational therapists’ perceptions of Motivational Interviewing in an adult mental health setting
Ellen Alexander, Jane Brincat, Elisa Yule, Alexandra Logan
Occupational therapy practice in forensic mental health: A scoping review
Leon Yu, Justin Scanlan
Resisting capture, mapping territories and exploring freely-given relationships in mental health
Tim Barlott, Lynda Shevellar, Merrill Turpin, Jenny Setchell
Supported Employment as a foundational aspect of ‘Housing First’: The experiences and perspectives of ‘Housing First’ participants in an individual placement and support program
Sara Robertson, Nicola Hancock, Justin Scanlan, Priscilla Ennals
The feasibility of implementing the residential environment impact scale (version 4) in Australian residential aged care facilities
Sarah Fitch, Sanet Du Toit, Lee-Fay Low
The utility of sensory modulation across mild-severe youth mental health settings: From mild-moderate mental health symptoms, to early psychosis and complex trauma
Evangeline Hopkinson
What are the skills, priorities and attributes required for occupational therapists working in mental health practice: An employer perspective
Bronte Illingworth, Melissa Aguey-Zinsou, Elisa Yule
Your space - A community development project in collaboration with headspace Whyalla, South Australia
Jessica Muller, Georgia Kourakis