OTAUS 2019 ePosters

Botulinum toxin A for spasticity management in adults with cerebral palsy: impact on occupational performance and clinical practice
Hannah Barden, Ian Baguley, Andrew Alchin
Education for inpatients with cognitive impairments: A scoping review
Carrie McCallum, Megan White
Measuring quality of life following neurosurgical treatment of brain tumour
Angelica Tadle, Belinda J. Johnston, Andrew Davidson, Joan M. O'Donnell
Occupational therapy for people with brain arteriovenous malformation: Indicators for pre-operative assessment and intervention
Joan M. O'Donnell, Michael M. Morgan, Maurizio Manuguerra
Older care recipients with dementia and their carers: An exploration of activities of daily living for people with dementia, and associations with caregiver burden
Lynette Mackenzie
Post stroke depression, anxiety symptoms and cognitive impairment are common for patients with ischemic stroke in acute stroke unit in Singapore
Yihong Fang, Anne Cusick
Predicting driving competency after surgical repair of unruptured intracranial aneurysm: Finding the evidence
Joan M. O'Donnell, Michael M. Morgan, Maurizio Manuguerra, Greg Savage
The predriving assessment and clinical evaluation for stroke patients using simplified driving simulator
Noriko Ishitani, Makoto Otaki, Mayuko Tsuda, Tomoyo Tsuji
The prevalence and management of sleep disturbance in adult inpatient rehabilitation: A scoping review
Claire Spargo, Kate Laver
Wheelchair and seating prescription in the rehabilitation setting: A service evaluation
Belinda Robertson, Natasha Lannin, Christopher Barr, Dina Watterson, Kate Laver