OTAUS 2019 ePosters

Cognitive strategy use in children with unilateral cerebral palsy
Kelsey Jamieson, Christine Chapparo
Effectiveness of Write Start-K, an embedded, therapeutic handwriting program for kindergarten students
Karen Ray, Kerry Dally, Alison Lane
Home and school sensory processing in children with autism: A correlational study
Caroline Mills, Christine Chapparo, Joanne Hinitt
Identifying options for supporting mainstream schools to implement inclusive education through utilising the expertise of specialist schools
Carol McKinstry, Teresa Iacono, Amanda Kenny, Mary Keefe
Measuring legibility when students are learning to handwrite: pairwise comparison of hierarchically ordered authentic writing tasks on six aspects of legibility
Cornelia Staats
Mentoring as professional development in paediatric occupational therapy practice
Olivia Jackson, Michelle Villeneuve
Motor skill impairment within a group of young people with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Rate of occurrence and clinical implications for occupational therapists
Diana Barnett, Jessica Hannan
The impact of perceived social competence and social anxiety on social participation in high functioning children with autism spectrum disorder
Sharon Yip, Yu-Wei Chen, Anita Bundy, Mei-Hui Tseng, Rebecca Yin
The motivation for everyday social engagement in high functioning children with autism spectrum disorder
Rebecca Yin, Yu-Wei Chen, Anita Bundy, Mei-Hui Tseng, Sharon Yip
The unique experiences of carers with disability
Cristina Grant, Marina Ciccarelli, Courtenay Harris