OTAUS 2019 ePosters

A scoping review of the impact of powered mobility devices on occupational participation for adults with limited functional mobility
Emma Kemmis, Samantha Ashby, Lesley Macdonald-Wicks
A synthesis of known economic effects of occupational therapy services for adults in acute and sub-acute care: A systematic review
Kylie Wales, Miia Rahja, Kate Laver, Danielle Lang, Lisa Somerville, Natasha A Lannin
A technology identity? Occupational considerations in the use or non-use of technology for people living with dementia
Jacki Liddle, Peter Worthy, Anthony Angwin, Janet Wiles
Are you tired of not sleeping? A novel approach to addressing sleep as an occupation in sub-acute care
Lauren De Cata, Elise Pound, Amanda Timmer
Calculating the personal, community and social impact: a social return on investment analysis of vehicle modifications for people with disability
Angela Berndt, Claire Hutchison, Julie Ratcliffe, Susan Gilbert Hunt, Stacey George
Evaluating and enhancing functional upper limb prosthetic use during everyday activities
Matthew Sproats, Melissa Nott, Judy Ranka
Evaluation of the feasibility and clinical utility of computer assisted robotic devices for upper limb therapy for patients with cervical level spinal cord injuries
Emma Tan, Lisa Benad, Lynette Mackenzie
Evidence review of conceptual frameworks for monitoring and evaluating the treatment fidelity of complex rehabilitation interventions
Brittni Nielsen, Tamara Tse, Leeanne Carey
Examining vocational rehabilitation in early acquired brain injuryrehabilitation
Alena Murray, Kerrin Watter, Sarah Jeffery, Shelley Ehlers, Mandy Nielson, Areti Kennedy
Family caregiver intervention improves outcomes for patients with delirium
Jessica Tuck, Anna Joy
Integrating technology in to a new acquired brain injury rehabilitation service
Gisela Brittain, Sarah Kekki, Alena Murray, Elizabeth Beadle, Areti Kennedy
Standardising terminology for upper limb orthotics: Outcomes of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committee 168 (TC168) prosthetics and orthotics
Judy Ranka, David Condie
Vision loss: “Wearable” technology offers new support pathways for independent living
Tim Connell