OTAUS 2019 ePosters

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4XDecision-Making model for supporting complex assistive technology selection: Evidence-based strategies for advancing practice confidence
Rachael Schmidt
A contemporary leisure activity inventory: Exploring the general population current leisure interests in the 21st century
Jessica Levick, Kieran Broome, Rosie Bruce, Florin Oprescu
A mixed-methods systematic review to understand carer readiness to support adults with dementia to return home from hospital
Amy Cussen, Elizabeth Pritchard, Harriet Yeates, Veronica Delafosse
A profile of pole walkers in Australia and factors relating to participation
Juliette Fritschi, Wendy Brown, Jannique Van Uffelen
A retrospective audit of digital health platform utilisation and outcomes for patients undergoing total knee replacement surgery
Sarah Ulcoq, Seong Jin Kim, Andrea Grant
A scoping review exploring the use of art in occupational therapy mental health practice
Alan Johnson, Samantha Ashby, Miranda Lawry
A scoping review of occupation-based strategies for entry-level education
Georgia Canty, Melanie Roberts, Matthew Molineux
A scoping review of research evidence relating to adults with psychosis preparing for, seeking, obtaining, keeping or re-obtaining work
Melissa Aguey-Zinsou, Justin Scanlan, Anne Cusick
A scoping review of the factors which shape the transition to fatherhood for Chinese migrants and those living on the Chinese mainland
Mo Zhou, Samantha Ashby, Lyn Ebert
A scoping review of the impact of powered mobility devices on occupational participation for adults with limited functional mobility
Emma Kemmis, Samantha Ashby, Lesley Macdonald-Wicks
A social-cognitive intervention program for students with autism in mainstream school
Phoebe Pui Pui Cheung, Ted Brown, Mong-Lin Yu, Andrew Man Hong Siu
A synthesis of known economic effects of occupational therapy services for adults in acute and sub-acute care: A systematic review
Kylie Wales, Miia Rahja, Kate Laver, Danielle Lang, Lisa Somerville, Natasha A Lannin
A technology identity? Occupational considerations in the use or non-use of technology for people living with dementia
Jacki Liddle, Peter Worthy, Anthony Angwin, Janet Wiles
A theoretical framework for acquiring and maintaining handwriting legibility
Cornelia Staats
An evaluation of the implementation of the Pathways to Participation (P2P) program in adult mental health
Danielle Hitch, Kieva Richards, Genevieve Pepin
Application of the change blindness model to discover key DriveSafe mechanisms: A subtest of DriveSafe DriveAware
Beth Cheal
Are you tired of not sleeping? A novel approach to addressing sleep as an occupation in sub-acute care
Lauren De Cata, Elise Pound, Amanda Timmer
Assessing participation level change arising from intervention for children with cerebral palsy
Chris Chapparo, Kathryn Bain, Michelle Donelly, Suzanne David Bombria, Sue Treacy, Robert Heard, Dinah Reddihough
Assessment of clinical and disability support needs of people with severe mental illnesses residing in psychiatric hostels
Helen Ayres, Craig Broadway, Amy Mancini, Lee Lee Tan, Joelle Thiel
Be Healthy: An interprofessional, and occupational therapy led program for people with an enduring mental health condition and at risk of developing physical health problems
Elyse Graham
Beatpain: An application delivering effective pain management strategies to consumers experiencing persistent pain
Angela Hawkes
Botulinum toxin A for spasticity management in adults with cerebral palsy: impact on occupational performance and clinical practice
Hannah Barden, Ian Baguley, Andrew Alchin
Bridging the knowledge gap: Occupational therapists perceptions of their confidence and knowledge to use, prescribe and train others with standing aids and hoists
Anuschka Toal, Kim Boniwell, Kim Brookshaw
Building family’s capacity and confidence using the NDIS ECEI approach
Susan Hall, Matthew Boyd
Calculating the personal, community and social impact: a social return on investment analysis of vehicle modifications for people with disability
Angela Berndt, Claire Hutchison, Julie Ratcliffe, Susan Gilbert Hunt, Stacey George
Challenges and facilitators of maintaining interdisciplinary team goal setting practices within a new Acquired Brain Injury Transitional Rehabilitation Service
Sarah Kekki, Kerrin Watter, Alena Murray, Sarah Jeffery, Elizabeth Beadle, Nina Wegener, Areti Kennedy
Clinical educator and student experiences of a rural inter-professional education and supervision pilot program: A mixed methods study
Laura Page, Steve Cadell
Cognitive strategy use in children with unilateral cerebral palsy
Kelsey Jamieson, Christine Chapparo
Cognitive strategy utilisation changes over 12 months of long stay mental health inpatients
Kylie Stewart, Hayley Conforti, Christine Chapparro
Computerised device use and posture: Differences between healthy individuals and those with neck pain
Roger Lee, Carole James, Suzi Edwards, Geoffrey Skinner, Suzanne Snodgrass
Defining sensory modulation: What does the term really mean in today's practice? A concept analysis and contemporary definition for occupational therapists
Anahita Brown, Tamara Tse, Tracy Fortune
Design Thinking for occupational therapists: The experience of occupational therapy students at the Design Factory Melbourne
Anne Williams, Natasha Layton
Developing and imbedding an adult neuroscience-based sensory approach of occupational therapy service across Addiction and Mental Health Services
Geoffrey Lau
Development of a safeguarding approach to enable people with severe injury to self-manage their supports
Robyn Gleeson
Development of an information gathering tool for toileting children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in a Special School Program
Sarah Monch, Madeleine Cavanagh, Alice Lockwood
Discharge planning from inpatient rehabilitation settings: An exploratory study identifying clients’ unmet support needs and measuring the impact of occupational therapy services
Kathrine Finney, Susan Darzins, Alana Hewitt, Matthew Thorpe
Discharge preparation for people with a spinal cord injury transitioning from an inpatient setting to community: A scoping review
Jacqueline Wheatcroft, Kelly Chait, Brittni Nielsen, Anne Baker, Carol McKinstry
Driving very early infant development and rehabilitation: Translating recent theory and evidence into inter-professional clinical practice
Lisa Findlay
Early intervention injury management via telehealth
Silvia Pfeiffer, Greg Borman
Education for inpatients with cognitive impairments: A scoping review
Carrie McCallum, Megan White
Effectiveness of first-person versus third-person motor imagery on relearning daily hand tasks in people with chronic stroke: a randomised controlled trial
Karen Liu
Effectiveness of Write Start-K, an embedded, therapeutic handwriting program for kindergarten students
Karen Ray, Kerry Dally, Alison Lane
Emotional intelligence: The catalyst for successful personal and professional relationships
Tara Boehne, Kacie Sims, April Swanson
Entrepreneurship in emerging scopes of occupational therapy practice: Elite sport case example
Jacky Peile
Evaluating a sensory approaches program in community mental health
Jeremy Morris, Rebecca McCarthy, Melanie Barnett
Evaluating and enhancing functional upper limb prosthetic use during everyday activities
Matthew Sproats, Melissa Nott, Judy Ranka
Evaluation of a small grant program to support participation for people with disability living in the community
Mandy Stanley, Rachel Batten
Evaluation of the feasibility and clinical utility of computer assisted robotic devices for upper limb therapy for patients with cervical level spinal cord injuries
Emma Tan, Lisa Benad, Lynette Mackenzie
Evidence review of conceptual frameworks for monitoring and evaluating the treatment fidelity of complex rehabilitation interventions
Brittni Nielsen, Tamara Tse, Leeanne Carey
Examining vocational rehabilitation in early acquired brain injuryrehabilitation
Alena Murray, Kerrin Watter, Sarah Jeffery, Shelley Ehlers, Mandy Nielson, Areti Kennedy
Executive and self-regulation functions of older adults who engage in open- and closed-skilled physical activity: A cross-sectional study
Monisha Ingold, Nikki Tulliani, Karen Liu
Exploring Autistic adults experience of adulthood through the ICF
Kitty-Rose Foley, Jane Hwang, Taylor Stacey, Elspeth Froude, Samuel Arnold, Julian Trollor
Exploring the needs of, and potential service gaps for people living with a movement disorder: A comprehensive needs analysis
Christian Burden, Bruno Pavic
Exploring the preferences of older Australians choosing therapy and home support services: What matters and why?
Miia Rahja, Kate Laver, Maria Crotty, Tracy Comans
Exploring the role and responsibility of the occupational therapist in providing effective and compliant handrails within a domestic setting
Janelle Arnold
Facilitating functional rehabilitation in oncology: Implementing a domestic ADL group
Anthea Udovicich, Celia Marston
Family caregiver intervention improves outcomes for patients with delirium
Jessica Tuck, Anna Joy
Feasibility of a Self-Regulation, Imagery and Mindfulness Program for Individuals with Chronic Low Back Pain
Karen Liu
Fidelity instrument for the Alert Program for Self-Regulation®
Dianne Blackwell, Alison Lane, Shelly Lane
Formal and informal supports that help successful community living for people with schizophrenia:learning from consumers, families and community-based workers
Kylie Stewart, Nicola Hancock, Roger Stancliffe
Grip strength, functional range and anthropometric dimensions; and indication on return to function in the home and workplace
Eliza Hogarth, Benjamin Bugden, Karen Liu
Ground-breaking clinical research: Revealing the effectiveness of therapeutic seating in reducing pressure Injuries
Martina Tierney, Martin Cominotto
Home and school sensory processing in children with autism: A correlational study
Caroline Mills, Christine Chapparo, Joanne Hinitt
Identifying options for supporting mainstream schools to implement inclusive education through utilising the expertise of specialist schools
Carol McKinstry, Teresa Iacono, Amanda Kenny, Mary Keefe
Improving accessibility of relevant professional development for rural occupational therapists, through the establishment of an annual mixed content education forum
Alina Roper
Improving functional independence and quality of life for clients with an acquired brain injury undergoing community rehabilitation using assistive toileting devices
Katie Beros, Harshana Seneviratne, Angelita Martini
Improving the safety and community participation of older adults who use motorised mobility scooters: 'We Know our Wheels' MMS Training Program
Janet Richmond, Angela Chew, Sophie Cambetis
Innovatively addressing escalating youth mental health: Qualitative outcomes from a population based skill building positivity resilience program
Theresa Novak, Justin Scanlan, Chris Chapparo
Integrated solutions for sustainable fall prevention in primary care, the iSOLVE implementation project: Lessons learnt, future directions and challenges ahead
Lindy Clemson, Lynette Mackenzie, Meryl Lovarini, Cathy Sherrington, Anne Tiedemann, Christopher Roberts, Dimity Pond, Ros Poulos, Amy Tan
Integrating education for allied health professionals and social work to meet the health and social care needs for tomorrow's Scottish population
Elizabeth Anne McKay , Kirstin James, Donald MacDonald, Jane Hislop, Peter Yates, Peter Hillen
Integrating technology in to a new acquired brain injury rehabilitation service
Gisela Brittain, Sarah Kekki, Alena Murray, Elizabeth Beadle, Areti Kennedy
Integrating theory and practice in occupational therapy pre-entry education: A scoping review
Michelle Bissett, Melanie Roberts, Lara Hedgcock
Interactive metronome: Effects on handwriting assessed by the evaluation tool of children’s handwriting
Sapna Chakraborty, Ashlea Cardin
Interprofessional education: A variety of options for health sciences education
Tara Boehne, Traci Garrison, Natalie Allen, Louise Bigley, Natalie Curry, Shannon Hauschildt
Introducing a clinical educator role into an occupational therapy service
Janet Frith, Kylie Wales
Learning about the dark side of occupation: Students’ experiences of learning about and applying emerging theory
Amelia Di Tommaso, Rebecca Twinley
Learning through the lens: Pedagogical implications of videoconferencing for occupational therapy students' education in rural areas
Katrina Wakely, Anne Croker, Anna Edgar, Alexandra Little
Maintaining the balance between student supervision on placement and managing an occupational therapy practice: Lessons learnt in a paediatric student-led clinic
Jacqueline Etherington
Meaningfulness in chronic pain rehabilitation: A concept analysis
Katrina Liddiard, Cary Brown, Annette Raynor
Measuring legibility when students are learning to handwrite: pairwise comparison of hierarchically ordered authentic writing tasks on six aspects of legibility
Cornelia Staats
Measuring quality of life following neurosurgical treatment of brain tumour
Angelica Tadle, Belinda J. Johnston, Andrew Davidson, Joan M. O'Donnell
Mentoring as professional development in paediatric occupational therapy practice
Olivia Jackson, Michelle Villeneuve
Motor skill impairment within a group of young people with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Rate of occurrence and clinical implications for occupational therapists
Diana Barnett, Jessica Hannan
My Outcomes Framework: Synthesising the evidence on valued outcomes into a set of user-led and policy-relevant tools
Natasha Layton, Liz Doyle and Anita Volkert
My plan: The evaluation of a person-centred planning toolkit for people with traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury injury
Robyn Gleeson, Sue Lukersmith
Narrative inquiry and narrative analysis: Practical application of techniques for occupational therapy research
Nicole Sharp, Rosalind Bye, Anne Cusick
Non-invasive Interactive Neurostimulation (NIN): A case report illustrating the use of this technique with a client with acquired brain injury
Bev Quee
Occupation-based entry-level education: Characteristics and strategies
Georgia Canty, Melanie Roberts, Matthew Molineux
Occupational performance outcomes in a specialised acquired brain injury community rehabilitation and transitional living service: Moving forward
Michelle Farquhar, Natasha A Lannin, Jacqui Morarty
Occupational therapists self-perceived knowledge and skills for enabling older adult with delirium
Cheri Strecker, Danielle Hitch, Genevieve Pepin
Occupational therapists’ perceptions of Motivational Interviewing in an adult mental health setting
Ellen Alexander, Jane Brincat, Elisa Yule, Alexandra Logan
Occupational therapy and physiotherapy students collaborative work integrated learning experience providing rehabilitation services at residential aged care facilities
Dr Daniela Castro de Jong, Dr Angie Fearon
Occupational therapy cognition community of practice - ensuring occupational therapists are holding on to their current scope of practice within the area of cognition
Susan Winnall, Jane Hopkins
Occupational therapy for people with brain arteriovenous malformation: Indicators for pre-operative assessment and intervention
Joan M. O'Donnell, Michael M. Morgan, Maurizio Manuguerra
Occupational therapy groups in oncology: A scoping review
Anthea Udovicich, Nasim Salehi, Kitty Foley, Danielle Bull
Occupational therapy in cancer care: exploring practice, professional development and career pathways in Australia
Amy Wallis, Andrew Smith
Occupational therapy practice in cancer care: A scoping review
Amy Wallis, Pamela Meredith, Mandy Stanley
Occupational therapy practice in forensic mental health: A scoping review
Leon Yu, Justin Scanlan
Occupational therapy practice in intensive care units: Get up, get groomed, get showered! An integrated literature review
Andrea Rapolthy-Beck, Jennifer Fleming, Merrill Turpin
Occupational therapy students participation in the development of a new hand therapy program in aged care settings – A participatory community project
Luyin Zhou, Simon Carter, Rachel Ho
Occupational therapy volunteers – Working together with international communities for future development
Joanne Cairney
Older adults’ participation in open-skilled physical activity
Abby Andrew, Karen Liu, Nikki Tulliani, Ehab Ghobreyal, Ami Thakkar, Kaitlyn Chantelle, Navneet Sandhu, Melinda Sinclair, Nicholas Teh, Charlotte Woodland
Older care recipients with dementia and their carers: An exploration of activities of daily living for people with dementia, and associations with caregiver burden
Lynette Mackenzie
Organising a TEDx event: An outside the box community partnership and advocacy opportunity
Bill Wong
Outcomes of Occupational Therapy Interventions for People with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Karen Liu
Outcomes of participant led videos: Supporting people with severe brain injury to have choice and control, set goals and direct their supports
Di Winkler, Jacinta Douglas, Kate D'Cruz, Cathy Bucolo, Carolyn Finis
Participatory research driving real change in youth residential mental health recovery services
Priscilla Ennals, Rebecca Egan, Philippa Hemus, Michael Tidhar, Kate Lessing, Rebecca Spies, Magenta Simmons, Sarah Bendall
Patient satisfaction with occupational therapy led conservative management of chronic hand and wrist conditions in Queensland
Sue Laracy, Grace Nickson, Nicholas Sheahan, Celeste Glasgow, Ruth Cox, Kathy Green, Leo Ross
Patients’ experiences following severe, brachial plexus injury: A long-term, qualitative follow-up
Sara Brito, Nikos Thomacos, Jenni White, Bridget Hill, Ted Brown
Podcasting: An untapped and readily accessible resource for occupational therapists
Brock Cook
Post stroke depression, anxiety symptoms and cognitive impairment are common for patients with ischemic stroke in acute stroke unit in Singapore
Yihong Fang, Anne Cusick
Postural Seating Equipment Improves Function, Affect and Engagement in Activities in Aged Care
Madelyne Glover, Julia Salmon
Pre-operative prediction of rehabilitation need for patients undergoing hip or knee arthroplasty
Kerri Roberts, Elisa Howlett, Mimi Churchill, Rebecca Cannell
Predicting driving competency after surgical repair of unruptured intracranial aneurysm: Finding the evidence
Joan M. O'Donnell, Michael M. Morgan, Maurizio Manuguerra, Greg Savage
Profile of professional practice experiences for undergraduate and Master’s entry occupational therapy students from the University of Sydney, 2017-2018
Lynette Mackenzie, Merrolee Penman
Providing a sustainable falls prevention pathway for older people in a busy outpatient department
Megan Swann
Psychiatric intensive care units: Developing a role for occupational therapists
Lisa Wright, Margherita Chiavone
Psychometric properties of assessment tools for cognitive impairment after mild traumatic brain injury
Rosalie Lui, Sue Slade, Meg Morris
Resisting capture, mapping territories and exploring freely-given relationships in mental health
Tim Barlott, Lynda Shevellar, Merrill Turpin, Jenny Setchell
Rural and remote Australia - Here I come! Reflections of an occupational therapy student
Cheyenne Gamble, Ornissa Naidoo
Searching for an outcome measure in aged care - use of the ‘Home Assessment Profile’ to review current practice of occupational therapy home assessments
Karen Kessner, Megan Rumble
Sensory processing patterns in healthy adults and their association with demographic factors
Tawanda Machingura, Gurjeet Kaur, Sharon Mickan, Chris Lloyd, David Shum, Evelyne Rathbone, Heather Green
SHIRES (Sutherland, Health Improvement, Referral and Education Service): An interprofessional student led clinic, empowering people to improve their health, using a behaviour change approach
Meredith Pleffer
Smartwatch training improves cognitive function and confidence in technology use for people with multiple sclerosis
Hannah Gullo, Jennifer Fleming, Anna Hatton, Sean Tweedy, Kenneth Pakenham
Social experience of men with paraplegic spinal cord injury in Bangladesh
Md. Habibur Rahman, Shipra Mandal
Social media and professional development: Occupational therapists use Facebook groups for professional development and support
Cindy Chuan, Anna Meadows
Standardising terminology for upper limb orthotics: Outcomes of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committee 168 (TC168) prosthetics and orthotics
Judy Ranka, David Condie
Starting early with inter-professional education: Scoping and designing an evidence based collaborative occupational therapy and speech pathology service for Infants and children
Lisa Findlay, Laura Miller
Supported Employment as a foundational aspect of ‘Housing First’: The experiences and perspectives of ‘Housing First’ participants in an individual placement and support program
Sara Robertson, Nicola Hancock, Justin Scanlan, Priscilla Ennals
Supporting clients beyond function to build true quality of living
Annie Tran
Supporting the fall prevention practice of allied health professionals working in primary care
Meryl Lovarini, Lindy Clemson, Jeannine Liddle, Lynette Mackenzie, Amy Tan, Anne Tiedemann
Taking the pulse: A healthy curriculum for a healthy student
Karen Blackwood, Jayne Webster, Karin Govaerts
Targeted muscle reinnervation and pattern recognition: Innovative strategies for intuitive prosthetic control after upper limb amputation
Abby Hutchison
TED and TEDx talk 101: Quick tips to Increase likelihood to be invited on TED or TEDx talks for occupational therapy students and practitioners
Bill Wong
The development of a school based intervention to improve the school participation and connectedness of students with ASD in mainstream primary schools.
Amy Hodges, Reinie Cordier, Annette Joosten, Helen Bourke-Taylor
The effects of an information and communication technology-based preparatory learning task
Makoto Otaki
The feasibility of implementing the residential environment impact scale (version 4) in Australian residential aged care facilities
Sarah Fitch, Sanet Du Toit, Lee-Fay Low
The impact of perceived social competence and social anxiety on social participation in high functioning children with autism spectrum disorder
Sharon Yip, Yu-Wei Chen, Anita Bundy, Mei-Hui Tseng, Rebecca Yin
The Kawa Model in rural and remote student placement - A pilot project
Ornissa Naidoo, Monica Moran
The knowledge needs and perspective of consumers and prescribers - Improving pressure care practice
Allison Farley, Whittaker Sara, Allen Judy, Nicks Rebecca
The landscape of Australian Education Scholarship: A systematic mapping review
Melanie Roberts, Barb Hooper, Matthew Molineux, Michelle Bissett
The motivation for everyday social engagement in high functioning children with autism spectrum disorder
Rebecca Yin, Yu-Wei Chen, Anita Bundy, Mei-Hui Tseng, Sharon Yip
The post NDIS environment: Mothers of a child with a disability, their perspectives on health, healthy behaviours and the impact of disability
Helen Bourke-Taylor, Kahli Joyce, Ted Brown, Dinah Reddihough, Jenny Ziviani
The predriving assessment and clinical evaluation for stroke patients using simplified driving simulator
Noriko Ishitani, Makoto Otaki, Mayuko Tsuda, Tomoyo Tsuji
The prevalence and management of sleep disturbance in adult inpatient rehabilitation: A scoping review
Claire Spargo, Kate Laver
The regulation rocket: A comprehensive and occupation based model of self regulation development
Simone Ryan
The roles, challenges and barriers for occupational therapists in delivering population-based approaches in healthcare
Adam Lo
The unique experiences of carers with disability
Cristina Grant, Marina Ciccarelli, Courtenay Harris
The utility of sensory modulation across mild-severe youth mental health settings: From mild-moderate mental health symptoms, to early psychosis and complex trauma
Evangeline Hopkinson
Therapy Pro - Innovative community based allied health services for people in their chosen environments
Sandra Wilksch, Karen Staal, Phil Laidlaw
To change or not to change? A review of an occupational therapy department rotations system
Jacqueline Searles
Together from design to delivery of sustainable practice education in the disability sector: Students, providers and academics in partnership
Jennie Brentnall, Kathleen Richardson, Patricia Abraham
Tomorrow’s world today: The role of occupational therapy in supporting well-being in a tech-saturated world
Anita Hamilton, Merrolee Penman, Karen Jacobs, Susan Burwash, Ritchard Ledgerd, Marilyn Pattison, Sarah Bodell, Angela Hook
Transforming occupational therapy practice through a culture of research informed practice
Sue Laracy, Jenny Strong
Tricycles in aged care facilities: More than just a novelty, a meaningful occupation and a means to social and cultural change
Timothy O'Connor, Johanne Walker, Pearse Fay
Understanding the context of occupation: Developing students' critical awareness of sociocultural factors
Laura Irvine-Brown, Matthew Molineux
Understanding the role of occupational therapists in women’s health: A scoping review
Aleisha Ellis, Kylie Wales, Shelly Lane
Understanding therapy goals of community-dwelling older adults: Considerations for occupational therapy practice
Victoria Atherton, Michelle Bissett, Niamh Boland, Jacqueline Collins, Kasey Owen
Using a smartphone application to manage symptoms of arthritis
Nathan D'Cunha, Nenad Naumovski, Ekavi Georgousopoulou, Rebecca Davey, Andrew McKune, Maddison Hunter, Jane Kellett, Duane Mellor, Stephen Isbel
Using the technology acceptance model to understand clinician barriers and facilitators in using emerging technologies for rehabilitation of the upper limb: A mixed methods study
Marlena Klaic, Justin Fonge, Vincent Crocher
Vision loss: “Wearable” technology offers new support pathways for independent living
Tim Connell
Web-based training for caregivers of children with cerebral palsy: Development and a preliminary study
Mehdi Rassafiani, Zahra Nobakhat, Ali Hoseini
What are the skills, priorities and attributes required for occupational therapists working in mental health practice: An employer perspective
Bronte Illingworth, Melissa Aguey-Zinsou, Elisa Yule
Wheelchair and seating prescription in the rehabilitation setting: A service evaluation
Belinda Robertson, Natasha Lannin, Christopher Barr, Dina Watterson, Kate Laver
Working together: Improving communication with community support providers via a feedback tool
Hayley Conforti
Workplace musculoskeletal problems in occupational therapy students
Joanne Morabito, Stefania Penkala, Kristy Coxon
Your space - A community development project in collaboration with headspace Whyalla, South Australia
Jessica Muller, Georgia Kourakis
“I’d love to be able to go to that”: The community mobility needs and experiences of people living with mild cognitive impairment and dementia
Donna Rooney, Jacki Liddle, Louise Gustafsson, David Ireland