Postural Seating Equipment Improves Function, Affect and Engagement in Activities in Aged Care

Madelyne Glover, Julia Salmon

Madelyne Glover is the Occupational Therapy Coordinator for Hall and Prior Aged Care Group.

Hall & Prior is a family-owned provider of high quality residential and community care, with 1,500 residential beds and 1,000 community care consumers in Perth, Sydney, Albany and Grafton.

Julia Salmon is a senior Occupational Therapist working for Hospequip, a national assistive equipment supplier.

This team have worked in partnership to provide postural seating solutions to aged care consumers in Western Australia. They are passionate about increasing awareness and use of postural seating in Aged Care. This partnership illustrates that collaboration between clinicians and assistive equipment suppliers results in shared learning and effective outcomes in Aged Care.