Early intervention injury management via telehealth

Silvia Pfeiffer, Greg Borman

Coviu Global Pty Ltd

I’m Silvia Pfeiffer. I'm the CEO of an Australian startup called Coviu (co-view) that is taking telemedicine to the next level. My background is in technology with a PhD in Computer Science. I have worked at Mozilla, Google and CSIRO before and we have created Coviu from within the CSIRO.

Coviu offers a secure and integrated telehealth solution to businesses in healthcare. We focus on integrating video into the workflow of clinics with minimal disruption while taking care of online appointment bookings and payments.

But we go far beyond this: since we have digitised the conversation between the clinician and the patient, we can now also add artificial intelligence functionality to the call the gives the clinician superpowers.

For example, by analysing the patient's camera, we can suggest a diagnosis of skin cancer, or determine whether a rehab physiotherapy is making progress (https://medium.com/@coviu/artificial-intelligence-for-physiotherapy-1f22fb4ac5f), or analyse the severity of a speech impediment and record progress over time.

Come and talk to us at the Coviu Booth at the OT Australia conference.