Defining sensory modulation: What does the term really mean in today's practice? A concept analysis and contemporary definition for occupational therapists

Anahita Brown, Tamara Tse, Tracy Fortune

La Trobe University / Austin Health

Ana is a PhD student at La Trobe University and Senior Occupational Therapist at the state-wide Brain Disorders Service, Austin Health in Melbourne. She researches and practises the use of the sensory modualtion interventions in the adult aquired brain injury population. Ana's most recent publication is 'Defining sensory modulation: A review of the concept and a contemporary definition for application by occupational therapists', on which her eposter is based on. This research was completed in 2018 and explores the origin and evolution of the term 'sensory modulation'. The paper summarises with a contemporary defintion of sensory modulation for Occupational Therapists.

Ana is passionate about her topic and would welcome any questions about her research.